The Brucato PCU Management Software is a dynamic program that will allow you to customize your PCU so that you can optimize your motor's performance! You've never known so much about what's going on with your motor before now!

The PCU Management Software allows you total control! You can create, modify, upload, and download different Fuel Curves for your motor. Making your motor purr like a kitten has never been this easy!

Now, you can take it with you! With the PCU Management Software, now you can take your PCU with you if you upgrade your motor*. Customized Fuel Curves can be uploaded to the PCU for the new motor you're running.

Your PCU will come programmed with a Specific Fuel Curve based on your motor specifications. Of course, you can make adjustments to your PCU with a screwdriver or with the Steamwheel, but for even greater customization based on Real Time Data, you'll want this software!

All you need is a computer with a serial port and Microsoft Excel**! The program can be run from your desktop computer (for uploading and downloading fuel curves) or from a laptop in your boat (to gather Active Data). The Brucato Data Acquisition System gathers a multitude of information to tell you how your engine is performing so that you can fine tune your PCU to perfection!

The Real Time Data page is an active data screen that constantly updates as your engine is running. With a laptop computer in the boat, you can chart your motor's performance on the Real Time Data page which reads from your PCU's operating parameters, including: RPM, Manifold Temperature, Air Temperature, Manifold Pressure, Battery Voltage, Injection Output, and Steamwheel Position.

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From a running engine, the Graph page allows the acquisition of data from your PCU at the rate of up to 20x per second and allows a 30-second graph to be displayed of actual running conditions, including: Time, RPM, Manifold Pressure, Voltage, and Fuel Delivery. The Graph can be viewed to give a general overview of actual running parameters and also includes the raw data on its worksheet. This information can be utilized to tune your PCU or other engine functions and to analyze your boat's performance.

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The Calibration page contains the Fuel Map, which can be saved or downloaded and new Fuel Maps uploaded. From this page you are also able to read data from the PCU including the Serial Number, Revlimiter and Program Version.

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The Potentiometers page displays a digital output of the actual Potentiometers Settings to aid in making your adjustments even more accurate!

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The Brucato PCU Management Software is a must-have for serious tuning! Call now to reserve yours!

*Call or check online for current PCU motor compatibilities.
**PCU software version 210 required, older versions can be upgraded to accommodate the PCU Management Software.


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