The Brucato ACU will come programmed for your motor with an exceptional fuel curve for your specific application. In most cases, no adjustments will be necessary, but if determined by your mechanic, then adjustments can be made in the ACU by a qualified mechanic. Please contact Brucato Inc. with any questions you may have at 919-718-0249.


SAFETY FIRST: Disconnect the battery when connecting or disconnecting any ECU.
The Brucato ACU can be mounted in the stock location using the stock Mercury brackets and rubber isolators, or an Extension Harness may be used to mount the Brucato ACU in a location closer to the driver.
Connect ECU harness and vacuum line.



After removing the cover of the Brucato ACU, you will see five knobs which have an adjustment range of -15% counter-clockwise and +15% clockwise.

The pointer location of the Phillips head is denoted by the slot with half circles on either side. (Shown straight up in the first image below - 0%).

Each of the graduations on the body of the potentiometer represents approximately 4% adjustment, however, adjustments as small as 1% may be made. Negative adjustments are counter-clockwise and positive adjustments are clockwise, as shown below.


MAIN - controls entire fuel delivery. Increase or decrease fuel delivery across the board at all RPMs and throttle positions. Can be adjusted +/- 15% in increments as small as 1%.

ACCELERATION-COMPENSATION - during an increase in throttle opening, the engine immediately requires more fuel than normal fuel delivery at that RPM. To compensate, the Brucato ACU has a Virtual Accelerator pump function for optimum acceleration.

SENSITIVITY - adjusts the threshold of throttle movement required to activate the Acceleration-Comp function.

VOLUME - adjusts the amount of extra fuel required to have a seamless transition of RPM.

PART THROTTLE - adjusts fuel delivery +/- 15% at less than full throttle in the range of 1,800 RPM - 7,500 RPM with no affect at wide open throttle.

IDLE - adjusts fuel delivery +/- 15% at less than full throttle in the range of 0 RPM - 1,800 RPM with no affect at mid-range or wide open throttle.


6' or 12' Extension Harness and 13' Vacuum Hose available for $210
Management Software with required hardware available for $365