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Whether you're a weekend boater or a competitive racer, you can achieve much greater engine performance with Brucato products and technology. We are a leading manufacturer and provider of High-Performance products and services for Mercury Outboard Motors. And we're proud of the reputation we've earned for providing outstanding quality and exceptional customer service!

We offer a wide range of products for today's power-hungry boaters. We have been producing the Brucato SVS Air Intake System for over 20 years. It has proven itself so effective that since 2001, Mercury included our High Performance Model SVS as standard equipment on their 2.5 EFI Drag and Formula One race outboards.

The Brucato Advanced Control Unit (ACU) is a direct replacement for your Mercury ECU. A customized fuel curve for your application is provided with each ACU and can be modified as you upgrade your motor or change motors. The ACU is great for performance applications or non- competitive applications as a direct replacement for your Mercury ECU. The ACU provides more accurate fuel delivery than you’ve ever know before! And at part throttle you can expect impressive fuel economy. We also offer accessories and software to make your ACU even more tunable for your needs.

We have additional products in our Store, including: fuel system components, like pumps, brackets, fittings and gaskets.

But it's not just about our products; we also offer great service, including the most accurate MARINE FUEL INJECTOR CLEANING AND CALIBRATION available anywhere! So, if you're experiencing a loss of top-speed rpm's, horsepower, rough idle, poor fuel economy, or are trying to diagnose an engine problem, check out our Fuel Injector Cleaning page and give us a call at 919-367-6943.

Do you have the need for speed...and more power? Read on to learn more about our products and services. We hope to add you to our list of satisfied customers soon!

The SVS intake system and PCU Electronic Control Unit is for use on 1997 or earlier motors. For use on 1998 or newer models, application must be for competitive use only. User must determine suitability and proper use and assumes responsibility for use in all applications, including compliance with EPA-regulation Emissions Inventory Improvement Program (EIIP). Brucato, Inc. assumes no liability for improper application or use of any SVS or PCU system.